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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 10 funny graduation photos

Graduation day is such a memorable event in our lives. Photos and videos are priceless souvenirs to reminisce those wonderful days in school. Unfortunately some souvenirs may also gather some laughs. Here are examples of funny graduation photos:

1. An Indian Ceremony or a College Prank?

A graduation class pictorial obviously becomes a wet photo as pranksters throw pails of water into the graduates as the camera clicks. (Source: damnfunnypictures.com)

2. A Dual Party for a Student Mom

Kudos to successful working moms, single parents, and student moms. Super multi taskers. (Source: www.collegehumor.com)

3. Don’t they have an English major in the Graduation Committee?

Though we don’t need an English major to notice such errors. Even MS Word can do that (Source: www.collegehumor.com)

4. A Witty(?) Yearbook Quote

Yearbook quotes are mirrors to a student’s intelligence (hope so). It is preserved in the pages for others to admire, comment or make fun about. (www.zoopatrol.com)

5. An Unknown Girl in the Varsity Team (Yearbook Picture)

Maybe, its just here real name. I wonder what his father’s name is. (Source: failblog.org)

6. Lack of Planning?

Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. (Source: www.funnypictures.net.au)

7. Ever Wonder what Female Graduates Wear under their Gowns?

Now I know why male deans sitting on stage are frozen on their seats. (Source: funnyforwards.net)

8. Can you pick her out from among the Graduates?

There will always be at least one. (Source: thechive.com)

9. A Typical Graduation in Somalia

Graduates of military science and guerrilla tactics? I wonder if they need security guards at the ceremony. “Give me my diploma or else!” (Source: killsometime.com)

10. He thought it was Funny

But the school administrators don’t think so. The man wearing a sexually offensive costume during a graduation ceremony was later arrested for disorderly conduct. He was asked by the court to publish a letter of apology in the local newspaper, pay court charges, and do 24 hours of community work. (Source: nicedeb.wordpress.com)

Are there any funny graduation photos you can share with us? Send us the link by using the comment link below.


Henry said...

Its an unforgettable funny graduation moment. They should bring extra shirt, hehehe.

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