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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Letter to JEM

Dear JEM[1],

Welcome once again to another school year at PCT. I wish to welcome you regarding your membership with the Junior Ecologist Movement or the JEM. I personally would like to thank you for giving JEM a chance to mold you towards physical, social, mental, and hopefully spiritual development. Honestly, as moderator, I feel it would be such a tiresome and problematic task for me, but I have to take it as a challenge because I think it would also be a developmental process on my part as a moderator, as a teacher, and as a person.

First and foremost, I would like to tell you that JEM isn’t just a club or organization in fact, as its name suggests, it is a movement, and we all know a movement basically needs directions in order for it to be efficient and purpose driven. When I say directions I am referring to our guiding principles and ideals. I hope we all would be able to uphold all of it not only by reading our publications, our documents, our by-laws etc., but also putting it in our hearts and practice it in our daily lives. In the future, we definitely would need all these values in order to go through the different challenges in our lives.

Secondly, a movement needs energy, and the energy of the Junior Ecologist Movement depends on how active you are in every activity that we have. I am not only referring this to leaders. Being an active member is the real form of leadership because in doing so you inspire others and pave the way for others to get involved too.

Last but not the least; a movement should have a purpose. There are actually two types of purpose here at JEM. First is our common purpose and this could be better explained by the documents that legitimized our existence here at PCT. These are the reasons why we have different activities in order to achieve those purposes. However, I am challenging you to put more if not an equal weight to our individual purposes. This does not refer to our personal and self-promoting reasons. What I am referring to is man’s endless search for reason and belongingness. I am hoping so much that JEM answers your questions of existence in this seemingly problematic planet. Everyone tries to identify themselves with something and someone. As moderator, I hope that JEM would be an instrument for everyone to find their mission in life.

Finally, much as I would like everyone to take JEM seriously, let’s not forget that your are here at PCT for a more serious matter, and that is your studies. Always remember that JEM is here to add fun and meaning to your college life but college life would be more fun and meaningful if you finish it.

Have a wonderful school year at PCT with JEM!

Truly yours,

Moderator, Junior Ecologist Movement

[1] Junior Ecologist Movement (JEM), is a collegiate, non-class, environmental organization at the Philippine College of Technology in which the author is a moderator.

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