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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Graduate School Everyone?

Some decades ago elementary and high school is for the privileged. Now certainly education is a right. Everyone or at least someone from a family should have some education of some sort.

My mother comes from a family of conservatives. They subscribe to the idea that girls in the family should not pursue studies beyond elementary education. That was my grandfather and great grandfather who subscribed to that idea. However they died young in their mid forties or so (I forgot the exact time).

To make the long story short, my mother was able to go to the city to finish high school and eventually college. Imagine what would that cultural belief would have brought to me and my brother if my mother wouldn’t have a degree.

She was able to have a decent job in the government and married a guy with a decent job too. My brother was able to graduate from college. I am presently conceptualizing my dissertation title for me to graduate and earn my PhD.

Education is much more than a privilege and a right. It is a need.

Today college education is the trend as much as high school was a trend a decade or two ago. And who knows next decade or so graduate education will become a trend too.

I’m not prophesying, just analyzing the trend

Grad school maybe expensive, time consuming, brain racking, however, nobody has gone to graduate school and regretted it. I still have to meet one who does.

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