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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy Researches and Experiments (Part 3 of 3)

Here's the third and final part of the mini research conference series of th 1st Grad School Jungle Crazy Research Symposium.

First-Person Shooter Games as a Way of Connecting to People: “Brothers in Blood”


This work seeks to understand young adults' motives for online gaming and extends previous research concerning social interaction in virtual contexts. The focus of the study is on Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft… (Read it online)

A Mathematical Model of Sentimental Dynamics Accounting for Marital Dissolution


Marital dissolution is ubiquitous in western societies. It poses major scientific and sociological problems both in theoretical and therapeutic terms. Scholars and therapists agree on the existence of a sort of second law of thermodynamics for sentimental relationships. Effort is required to sustain them. Love is not enough… (Read it online)

Why can't you tickle yourself?


It is well known that you cannot tickle yourself. Here, we discuss the proposal that such attenuation of self-produced tactile stimulation is due to the sensory predictions made by an internal forward model of the motor system. A forward model predicts the sensory consequences of a movement based on the motor command. When a movement is self-produced, its sensory consequences can be accurately predicted, and this prediction can be used to attenuate the sensory effects of the movement. (Download full text PDF)

Call for papers: We definitely need you contributions for the craziest research and experiments you have ever encountered in the internet. Use the comment link below for your submissions.

(Photo credits: nonsensegamer.com, api.fotolia.com, esquire.com)


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