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Friday, December 31, 2010

Grad School Jungle: Top 5 posts for 2010

Let us all reminisce this year’s happening on this blog. Although Grad School Jungle was started March of 2008, it was only this year that I have actively posted some articles for Grad School Jungle. Looking at the archives, there were only 6 posts in 2008 and in fact only 1 post in 2009. It was only in September this year that I started to write religiously. Fortunately, thanks to all the readers, Grad School Jungle has achieved more than 1,000 views in just 3 months.

In order to reminisce the past happenings this year for Grad School Jungle I am enumerating the top 5 posts this year in terms of page views with snippets of what these posts are all about.

5. What is the shortest thesis or dissertation? (just for the sake of asking). This is a list of some theses/dissertations which are believed to be the shortest in terms of pages. The aim of the post is to nullify the myth that length of a paper is in direct relationship to its importance.

4. LIFE’S ENDURING QUESTIONS: EXPLANATIONS ON OUR (NOT) THINKING ON DEVELOPMENT. This is a critique on our common instinct to think about the obvious in terms of our perspective on development issues. We neglect to see what’s behind these issues. This may be the reason why several development initiatives failed to realize its objectives.

3. Damn Funny Research (the Ig Nobel Prizes). This is a two-part post although it was deliberately divided in order to prevent readers from scrolling down too much on a long article. This is a list of some funny scientific papers published in legitimate journals who won the Ig Nobel Prizes, an American parody of the well-known Nobel Prizes.

2. 10 Celebrities Who Have Been To Grad School. Apart from the common notion that celebrities neglect their studies. There are actually some who value education and even obtained graduate school degrees.

1. What is Environmental Science? Grad School Jungle’s most viewed post. This is an informational article on the environmental science profession.

Other posts which also have good viewership but did not make it to the top 5 are the following:

Thank you for following Grad School Jungle!
May the coming year be abundant for all of us!


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