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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 5 Computer Tips for Grad Students

To complement my previous post “Computer: a grad student’s best friend”, I compiled some tips in order to efficiently put your computer into good use while in grad school.

Here are the top 5 on my list:

1.Manage your files efficiently. Always do some housekeeping with your files. Discard some unnecessary files. Categorize your files into subjects and create folders for each. And always create back up CD’s or DVD’s of these files at least every month.

2.Manage your email too. Our email accounts have inboxes. However, why do we keep on filling it up with messages we have already read. Try to save read messages somewhere such as folders in your email account. Or better delete it if we don’t need them in the future. The inbox should always be empty just like our physical mailboxes.

3.Don’t exaggerate your PowerPoint presentations. Avoid elaborate slide designs, too much text in a slide, too much animation and sounds. Too much detail is a waste of time.

4.Use search engines efficiently. When you use Google to search for a webpage on a certain subject, don’t type the whole question “What are the different theories of education? Instead use keywords such as “education theories”. This will narrow down your search. Instead of looking for the question, Google will search for pages that contain what you are really looking for in terms of keywords you supply.

5.Don’t clutter your computer desktop. A cluttered desktop is a definitely a mess. Try to transfer some files you won’t be using for a long time. Leave only files that you use frequently in the desktop.

A good computer unit will make our grad school tasks faster and easier. That is if you use it efficiently. If not then it can even do more harm than good.

What are other computer tips that you can share with your fellow readers? Use the Comment link below.


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