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Friday, January 28, 2011

The ABC’s of Facebook

Facebook is the world’s leading social networking site today. Approximately 600 million users and you just can imagine the friendships, collaboration, and connection this site can provide. No wonder its no. 2 in website traffic (second only to Google.com).

I do have a Facebook account too, and I tried hard to utilize some of its countless features in order to be up in the game. I can’t be sure that this Facebook thing is just a fad but here are the reasons why and how I use Facebook.

AActive Social Life. Facebook definitely brings you near to friends, classmates, colleagues, even though they are far away. Let’s face it; you don’t need to meet these friends personally just to be updated with what’s going on with their lives. Their status updates, comments, photos, and videos will tell us in some way what’s going on with their lives. In much the same way you can also share with them what’s going on with yours. Comments, personal messages, online chat, and group features of Facebook can be utilized to connect with your friends anytime and anywhere.

BBring Traffic into my Blog. Yes! Facebook is one of my traffic drivers for Grad School Jungle. Every now and then I share some blog posts using the link sharing capabilities of Facebook. Statistics show that there are viewers of my blog which was referred to by Facebook. However, I’m careful enough not to do it frequently so as not to abuse Facebook’s News Feed features. The internet community calls this abuse as spamming.

CConstant Communication. This is the main essence of social networking. Without which it won’t be social and it won’t be networking. And hey! I think people now opens their Facebook account first before they open their e-mail accounts. Sometimes I even prefer using the personal message feature if I want to contact my friends instead of emailing them. My high school classmates even organized our reunion using the events and group features of Facebook.

Grad School Jungle has a Facebook page too. If you want to be updated of recent posts, news and articles through Facebook, just press the LIKE button in the page.


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