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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 time saving tips for grad students

Time is a priceless commodity for a grad student. So here's some practical tips on how you should save it:

1. Get started immediately- Get down to work as soon as possible.

2. Make it a routine- Designate a time every day to do certain tasks (read journals, write a paper, organize your files, etc) and do it regularly.

3. Learn how to say no- Saying yes to too many things means some other things won’t be done.

4. Divide large tasks into smaller ones- Smaller tasks are more manageable and easier to do. Eventually the larger job will be done in time.

5. Plan your activities- Proper scheduling filters out the unnecessary tasks that can cost you too much time.

I know this won’t be enough. You might have something more to add to this list. Share it here by using the comment link below.


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