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Friday, February 4, 2011

Statistically Excellent: the free eBook by Mike Arieh Medina

I wish I had studied inferential statistics in high school.

I wish I had invented linear regression.

Or renamed the Fisher’s test into Mike’s test.

I guess that will never happen. It’s too late.

Statistics are however growing into a more diverse field in terms of application: natural sciences, social sciences, marketing research, political science.

The fact that statistical software packages intensified the use of statistics in the decision making process in businesses, the academe, and even in the government makes it even more challenging.

These software packages however are expensive. Colleges and universities in fact spend almost a million pesos in order to get a licensed version of these programs.

Good News! You know MS Excel right? The Microsoft Office application composed of rows and columns. This is mainly used for spreadsheets solutions in the finance department. I’m telling you it’s also a statistical data analysis tool. No! I’m not only referring to graphs and charts. The real deal: inferential statistics, the one used for hypothesis testing.

Here’s an eBook I wrote and published for free.

This is not however an eBook for interpreting statistical results, it’s about computing it, without using your scientific calculator, tons of scratch paper, and pages of equations.

It’s small enough to email to your friends or maybe post in your Facebook wall.

Anyway here’s the link again (statex.pdf)


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