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Saturday, November 5, 2011

On blogging and teaching at the same time

When I stopped teaching a year ago, I started to blog frequently. Let’s face it, at that time, I’ve got more time to write posts, learn more html stuff, and do research on several topics for my posts.

I couldn’t have the same amount of free time when I was teaching. I mean, you write lessons, you make exams, check papers, advice students, how in the world will you find the time to write even a single 200-page blog post given such hectic schedule?

I admit I got hooked with blogging after I quit teaching. The excitement I feel as pageviews increases everyday, the lively comments from readers, not to mention the fulfillment from seeing your work published (and being read) online: these are some of the reasons why I was preoccupied with blogging.

Now, I might say teaching is really a calling. Somehow, the academe finds me back even if I tried to run away from it. I’m back to teaching again.

But this time, I don’t intend to place blogging in the sidelines. I’m not yet sure how to go through this, but I plan to combine teaching and blogging. Not in a separate way but in a more complementary fashion.

I’m thinking about teaching using a blog or blogging about teaching. I still don’t know. It will be a work in progress. I think it’s worth a try.

How about you, in what way do you think can we combine blogging and teaching in a complementary fashion? Share it with us.


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