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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What’s happening on my side of the blogosphere

There are millions of blogs out there. How can I be sure that somehow, somebody out there reads my stuff?

I found good people in the blogosphere last week. Good enough to link my blog on their posts.

Ms. Halibel Ding (I’m not sure if it’s her real name) talked about her frustration on not being permitted by her parents to pursue her dream of becoming an environmental scientist. It’s on her blog called Recorded Butterflies. Thanks for the link sweet lady!

Amara Levine-Reich blogs about managing her time for work, family, and grad school in I am an Overachiever. Grad School Jungle is in her blogroll, so I am posting a link to her blog (actually, that’s two links) to show my gratitude.

Devin McGinty of Gradshare.com mines the web about anything related to grad school. I think he has done a good job because he not only noticed Grad School Jungle, he mentioned my post about blogging for grad students.

Before I end this post, thanks to AP Environmental Science for sharing my article explaining the field of environmental science to their students. (It's on the bottom part of the site).

So why don’t we do this type of post more often. You can post a link to Grad School Jungle in your website or blog, tell me, and I’ll post a link to your site here for free. Isn’t that a sweet deal?


Amara said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Mike! Appreciate the support and am enjoying the content on your blog. Nice to make your acquaintance from the other side of the world :-)

Mike Arieh Medina said...

You deserve it Amara. Nice to meet you too! Hope this won't be our last communication.

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