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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things that I love to write about

I am Mike Arieh Med and I write for Grad School Jungle. This is not really a grad school blog. It’s just a blog managed by a grad student. In this blog, I hope to write about things that I love. And what are these? Here’s a list of topics I love to write about:

1. The Environment. Well, if you still don’t know it yet, I studied environmental science in college. That’s because I have always wanted to be an environmental scientist (obviously). If you have noticed, the first ever post that I wrote in Grad School Jungle is about climate change. I have also written down some of my thoughts on development based on ecological principles. Maybe, these aren’t enough to save the world but I hope it's  enough to profess my love for nature.

2. Teaching. I believe education is one way we can create a large impression to society. As a teacher, I have always been proud of myself having the opportunity to influence young minds to be better members of society. I’m not saying that I am the best teacher there ever was. It’s just that I believe it’s the thing I’m best at.

3. Research. Curiosity may have killed the cat but you might just as well kill it if you plan to prohibit it to take action on that curiosity. Curiosity leads to research and unlike the cat’s case, it doesn’t kill me. In fact it’s my source of income right now (I’m a research consultant).

3. Computers. A computer is an indispensable tool for a researcher as the hook and line is to a fisherman. And taking this discussion further, the internet is to a researcher as the sea is to the fisherman (as if that would make sense. LOL!). The emergence of computers has revolutionized the way we do things (e.g. edit pictures, compute complex formulas, publish documents, and even read books, etc.). I simply cannot afford to not love it.

4. Graduate School. The things that I love about grad school are the unique experiences that I have with it. I have come to realize that it’s a totally different type of educational experience. This blog is a product of my experiences in graduate school. Grad School Jungle is not just here to provide news, tips, or encouragement for grad students, but first and foremost this is an avenue me to share what I have learned from my experiences with it.

5. Trivia. It doesn’t really matter on what topic it’s about or what category it belongs, I just love sharing information which are uncommon. It may be about Valentine’s Day, interesting websites, funny researches, funny photos, interesting quotes etc. I love sharing those interesting facts and there are no limits to that. And hey! I even write about interesting celebrities.

These are the things that I love to write about. How about you?


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