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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grad School Survival Guide: another free eBook by Mike Arieh Medina

I wish I have bought a book or two about grad school 7 years ago when I took up my master’s degree. I just wasn’t able to find one at least locally.

I wish somebody would have shared with me what to expect from grad school. My academic life would have been a bit bearable because I would have prepared for some unexpected twists in my academic life.

Maybe it was meant to be.

Having survived the jungle, here’s a guide for everyone who has taken the same step as me (advancing their academic career).

However, if you’re still contemplating on whether to get in or not into grad school, this eBook is also for you (in fact this is really for you).

However, if you’re not into the “grad school thing” you can still download it and share it to anyone you think would benefit from it.

Reading this book however will not guarantee higher grades in grad school. It cannot even guarantee that you obtain that degree just from reading it and following everything written on it. All it could guarantee is that somebody has done what’s written on it and survived grad school (that’s me).

And oops! Did I mention that it’s free? O yes! I just did. So what’s stopping you? I’m sorry, here’s the link:

Grad School Survival Guide: The Incomplete Handbook for Surviving the Rough Academic Terrain

Kind of a long title for a short book isn’t it? Any way here’s another catch: you don’t really have to download it because all the chapters are built up upon articles on this blog. So if you have the time to explore the archives on this blog please do so. However, if you wish to have a good reading experience offline I suggest you download this eBook.

Here’s the link again.


And if you ever have opinions after reading it (I’m sure you do) or any suggestions to improve it (I’m planning a 2nd edition), then please do use the comment link below. I would sure love to hear from you.


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